Island Story

The writer J.D. Taylor recently wrote about the ‘strange energies’ that have been ‘unleashed by the Brexit campaign’ and ‘no political faction looks capable of containing, whatever the outcome.’ He wrote this before the referendum result was in. For him, we were coming apart anyway:

‘Whilst efforts are being expended, often ineffectually, to argue for the values of cosmopolitanism or political sovereignty, less has been made of the decades-deep disempowerment and disaffection by which the island’s own collective story has come undone.’

Taylor’s book Island Story, published by Repeater, discovers the Britain of deep disempowerment, but also the Britain of everyday struggle and triumph in the face of uprooting forces.

Social Science Centre and Manchester Left Writers are jointly organising a talk with J.D. Taylor that will explore his book on Britain, essentially a ‘tour thro’ the whole island of Great Britain’ on a bicycle, through the lens of the recent vote to leave the European Union. Taylor has set off on his bicycle again – to tour his new book – and he will be with us in Manchester, plus bike, on the 15th of August.

This talk will be free and held at Friends’ Meeting House, Manchester, M25NS, on Monday August 15th, 2016, at 6pm.  Register via Eventbrite for your free ticket: